Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms Picked Fresh Daily in Kaslo, BC

Seasonal, fresh, local.

At Mr. Mercy's Mushrooms, we try to keep things simple.  We grow seasonally in greenhouses using just water and the sun's energy.  We fruit our mushrooms from all-organic media.  We produce strains appropriate for our West Kootenay climate, from Blue Oysters and Enoki in the Spring and Fall to White Elms, Lion's Mane, and Reishi in the heat of summer.  We are a small family operation with a focus on buildings strong partnerships close to home.

Gourmet, medicinal, unique.

We like white button mushrooms.  Honestly.  But they're one of an estimated 5 million types of fungi.  We hope to stimulate your curiosity and appetite with an assortment of beautiful and unique gourmet varieties, and nourish your body and mind by partnering with local herbalists to create nourishing fungal tinctures.  Please contact us with any questions about our product line.